Celsius Summit 2017

CELSIUS Summit 2017 - The Power of Networks - will be held on November 27 and 28 in Gothenburg, Sweden. This dynamic conference will showcase the latest research and technological developments in addition to addressing key challenges faced by cities in the planning, development and optimisation of their district energy systems.

The programme offers knowledge transfer by leading experts in the field. Through a series of live interviews and films that will set the stage for this unique conference, it will start with an overview of different perspectives and the latest developments that are happening around district energy across Europe. Participants will be encouraged to participate in one-on-one matchmaking sessions as well as round-table discussions on specific subjects, key to initiating and continuing dialogues with different DHC stake-holders and improving district energy systems in Europe. There will be hands-on illustrations of Gothenburg’s latest efforts as a sustainable smart city, which will include site visits to different installations in the Gothenburg area – including CELSIUS demonstrator sites.

By signing up early, you can secure your place in the CELSIUS Summit and receive an early-bird discount when registering before Thursday August 31, 2017.

The conference is free of charge for CELSIUS Member Cities and consortium members; however, all participants are required to register.


November 27 2017
to Tuesday
November 28 2017

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