Our Partners and Donors

Our Partners and Donors

The Initiative has so far leveraged $3.9 million in funding from the Global Environmental Facility (the GEF), Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA), the Italian Ministry of Environment Protection, Land and Sea and the Kigali Cooling Efficiency Programme together with almost $28 million of in-kind and direct investments from the Initiative’s network of partners.

The diversity of our partners is crucial to providing neutral and comprehensive advice based on international best practice. Our partners include: Cities/Municipal Governments; National and State Governments; Utilities; Private Sector; Industry Associations; International Organizations; Financial Institutions; City Networks; Think Tanks; and Research Institutions and Universities.

For more information on signing up to the Initiative, the global or country work you could be a part of, and what the benefits could be for your organization, please contact the Initiative’s Secretariat through the Meet the Team section.

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