Heat Roadmap Europe, Initiative Partner, Announces Results in EURACTIVE Energy & Environment

Source: EURACTIV Energy & Environment

EURACTIVE is a think-and-do tank that seeks to prototype its analyses and recommendations, and act directly on the policy environment through concrete interventions. They provide analysis and facilitate a dialogue between media professionals and EU stakeholders, promoting debates and the sharing of best practices, through conferences, training programmes and interactive workshops; Implement projects fostering media sector’s innovation and skills; and Communicate relevant news on Europe’s media via a monthly newsletter.

Heat Roadmap Europe, a District Energy in Cities Initiative partner, develops low-carbon heating and cooling strategies, called Heat Roadmaps, by quantifying and implementing changes at the national level for 14 EU Member States, which together account for approximately 85-90% of total heating and cooling in Europe. Specifically, they aim to:

  1. Build evidence that supports decarbonization of the heating and cooling sector in Europe.
  2. Redesign the energy sector by combining the knowledge of local waste heat conditions and potential savings with an energy system analysis.
  3. Promote transparency in energy research by sharing data, results, models and methodologies on open platforms as well as be open for new partnerships.
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